New Horizon Counseling Center
North Richland Hills, Texas

Meet The Team

New Horizon Counseling Center is a private practice with over 20 licensed therapist to choose from, and locations in Fort Worth, Arlington, Lake Worth, River Oaks, & North Richland Hills for your counseling needs.  Each therapist was carefully selected to ensure that our clients receive the utmost care and professionalism.  Our therapist utilizes and specialize in a variety of different therapeutic modalities.   

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Anxiety Attacks vs Panic Attacks

 Most parents don’t know the difference between anxiety attacks and panic attacks. A teen may mistake an anxiety attack for a panic attack. They may be fearful and overwhelmed. They may seem overly agitated as their heart pounds wildly.
In contrast to a panic attack, however, an anxiety attack is a reaction to a specific stressor. A stressor is an external issue that creates anxiety. For example, having to take a big test, or a stranger’s angry outburst that triggers a painful memory from the past.
Panic attacks, on the other hand, are more jarring and pervasive. They tend not to be a reaction to a specific stressor. Rather, panic attacks often seem unprovoked and unpredictable. During a panic attack, a teen is seized with irrational terror.

Therapy Boxing

Our NHCC Therapy Boxing program reaches out to the places that other sports and conventional therapy don't reach. Why? Because it engages with young people on their own terms and recognises that frustration and aggression that is so often the hallmark of teenage years. 
The goal of our program is to give young people who may be bad at everything else they've tried a sense of worth and self-esteem. Encouraging them to stop labelling themselves with negative labels.